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Extra Mile Sponsorship

Extra Mile Sponsorship is THE REASON that Andrea and I are able to do the mission works we do. 

Extra Mile Sponsorship is THE REASON that our Honduras child sponsorship program is able to stay at $15.00 per child per month. 

Rather than adding a hidden administration and operating expense fee to the monthly cost of our child sponsorships, our Extra Mile Sponsors help cover the necessary costs to operate our mission programs correctly.  This in turn allows multitudes of additional people to join our sponsorship program who might not otherwise be able to do so if we had to raise the costs of our sponsorships.  We have found that the $15 monthly amount makes it possible for just about anyone to participate in our program.  This wouldn't be possible without our Extra Mile Sponsors. 

The donations of our Extra Mile Sponsors help cover mission expenses like airline tickets, travel, and in-country expenses for our mission trips.  The fact is that Andrea and I could not make these trips without the support of our Extra Mile Sponsors.  Without our Extra Mile Sponsors the work could never have started; and could not continue.  So - THANK YOU to our Extra Mile Sponsors! 

Extra Mile Sponsors receive exclusive updates about 2-3 times a year about the work that we are doing in Honduras.  They get a special look into the big-picture and the behind the scenes ministry that we are accomplishing through our Missions around the world.  If you're able to support this mission and ministry in the capacity of an Extra Mile Sponsor, we ask that you prayerfully consider doing so!

Again - THANK YOU to our supporters!!!

God bless,

Joplin & Andrea Emberson