This is where it all started and where most of our ministry happens.  Joplin & Andrea started The Well Worship Center in May of 2006.  We hold several services every week; have a flourishing children's program, youth ministry, college student ministry, men's and women's ministries and more.  When we are asked "what do you do for your own community?" we are blessed to be able to say - A LOT!  This is where we live.  This is our Jerusalem - our home.  This is where we are reaching our community, winning the lost, and preaching the gospel every single week of our lives.  

Heaven's Hands

Heaven's Hands is an outreach to our local community.  We provide food, clothing, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving meals, financial aid for emergency rent & utility concerns, and more.  We help anyone that we can, regardless of their faith/affiliation.  People we assist do not need to be members of The Well.  In fact, the major majority (probably 80%) of the families we help are not regular attenders at the church.  Our Heaven's Hands ministry is funded by the donations of our members and others who generously give to make this ministry possible!  


All donations to U.S.A. (Heaven's Hands) will go directly to & only for our Heaven's Hands outreach.

If you wish to give a general donation to The Well Worship Center to support the overall work and mission of The Well, you can do so by clicking here.

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