Juarez City

The mission in Juarez is still in the early stages.  We take teams into Juarez at least twice a year.  The week before Christmas we deliver gifts, presents, and basic necessities needed for living to families in the Juarez area.  In the summer we bring backpacks and school supplies for the children. We are currently discussing and praying about how to begin preaching the gospel in public arenas, such as parks, soccer stadiums, or other public areas that could host large numbers of people.  We are in discussions with local pastors and Christian leaders from Juarez about how to do some type of outreach/crusade to preach the gospel on a large scale to the people there.  

For details about upcoming missions trips, check out the UPCOMING EVENTS section in The Well Worship Center app.  If no info is available the next trip has not been completely finalized yet.

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